Our Inspiration

He did not start a school, but a school of thought, a school of life. Contribution of St. Benedict towards humanity is no simple history; it is a transformation a change of society for a better culture, based on new values, eternal values. He first walked the way for us and taught us to follow. His way of life was that of constant work, untiring effort to achieve a more productive and human society where there is no place for laziness or lethargy. Whether in the Christian monastery or in civil society St. Benedicts model of life and the Rule for monasteries are towards achieving human perfection. He taught us to live together, live in unity, live in harmony; no matter what is your religious, ethnic, cultural or linguistic background . This saint, living between 480 AD and 540 AD in central Italy, educated the world with a way of life, to organize and manage human resources to an optimum use for the sake of the society nation and ultimately for God. From fifth century Europe until today, he still inspires thousands of people all over the world.